Los Angeles Airport Metro Connector Transit Station - Inglewood, CA $6.07 Million


Foundation Drilling 
Becho can drill shafts vertically, horizontally, and all angles in between. Ranging in sizes from 6 inches to 10 feet. We have drilled in most geotechnical conditions, including some of the most difficult conditions; caving sands below the ground water table, cobbles and boulders, and solid rock formations with unconfined compressive strengths of 30,000 PSI. We have successfully and without incident worked in difficult site conditions. This includes low overhead micropiles, low overhead cased secant piles, some adjacent to live rail lines. We have worked within inches of an active rail tunnel and tight underground tolerances that require battered secant piles.

Becho can furnish and install reinforced concrete that is used in foundation structures or earth retention systems. These concrete systems include drilled shafts, caissons, micropiles, tiebacks, underpinning. We have installed SCC concrete with design compressive strengths of 12,000 PSI.

Earth Retention 
Becho can install a wide variety of earth retention systems. Some traditional support of excavation (SOE) systems that; soil nails with shotcrete. We have also executed more exotic projects that include battered 5-foot diameter secant piles over 150-foot deep, 3-foot diameter secant piles through cobbles and boulders in an active rail yard, and fiber glass tiebacks in the path of a new tunnel under construction. We also install long high-capacity tiebacks for landslide repairs.

Becho can install a wide variety of foundation systems. These systems include traditional drilled shafts, micropiles, and underpinning. We are also skilled at installing high-capacity caissons with permanent casing seated in rock, and the using cluster drills to install a rock socket. We have several oscillators and rotators ranging in size from 1M to 3M in diameter that allow fully cased large diameter piles 250-300 feet deep.

Heavy Equipment
Becho has a wide variety of equipment to meet the challenge of complex construction sites. The equipment is built around our drilling operations and includes many top drive vertical drills, tieback and micropile drills, service cranes, duty cycle cranes, crane mounted drill rigs, low overhead and limited access drills.