Hudson Yards Platform

Project Details

Excavation/Foundation Subcontractor

$42 Million

ERY TENANT LLC (C/O Related Companies)

New York, NY

26 Acres


Project Description

This project is actually two platforms supported by 300 caissons, ranging from four to five feet in diameter and 60 to 80 feet in depth. The platforms, incorporating 25,000 tons of steel, 14,000 cubic yards of concrete and weighing more than 35,000 tons, will support over seven million square feet of apartment, office, and retail space. The platforms bridge over 30 active Long Island Railroad tracks, three subsurface rail tunnels utilized by Amtrak and New Jersey Transit, and the concurrently constructed Amtrak Tunnel encasement. These railroad facilities are used by about 700,000 commuters daily. Additionally, all the utilities to service the seven million square feet of offices, stores, and residences must be provided through the platforms. 

The construction of the platform over the Eastern Rail Yard incorporated intricate mechanical systems being installed by WDF’s HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Suppression divisions. The project called for installation of storm water piping drains, fire stand-piping below the platform, and electric water heaters by the plumbers. The HVAC scope of work included the construction of exhaust vent plants, installation of unit heaters and air conditioner units, as well as track and tunnel exhaust fans. Additionally, fire protection systems including 49 deluge zones installed over the rail tracks were installed by utilizing strategically planned nightly and rolling track outages. 

Photo Credits: Timothy Schenck